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Reference:6911 Restoration of King Charles II: Embarkation at Scheveningen, 1660

Bust of King Charles II, three-quarters right / Fame with ribbon flying above the Fleet under Sail, on their return from Holland.

By Peter van Abeele.

Silver. 70 mm. (71.17 grammes)

Condition: Better than Very Fine


An attractive example of this celebrated event, in anticipation of the Restoration of the British monarchy. A skilful example of the silversmith's work, consisting of two plates joined at the edge with a broad rim, with the usual small blow-hole at six o'clock.

With a pleasing light-blue toning.


MI i, 455/44; Milford Haven 1919, 42; v. Loon II, 462; Scher 20; Eimer 210.