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A warm welcome to this website, featuring commemorative and historical medals. Marking national occasions as well as events of a more local or individual nature, every effort is made to present items that are in attractive condition, pleasing to the eye, avoiding, wherever possible, those having suffered defects such as surface nicks and scratches, edge bumps, and heavy cleaning.

Postage and insurance are charged at cost, which is scaled back for multiple orders. The prices are net, but there is no 'Buyer's Premium,' as levied by auction houses, which can today typically add an additional 30% or more to the hammer price. Items can be returned, within seven days of receipt, if not entirely to satisfaction.

Items are also wanted for outright purchase, and advice is available for those deciding upon the sale of their collection and the cataloguing of such items.

The collection of cat medals are those that my wife Missi and I have been acquiring over many years and occasionally add to, when opportunity presents itself.

The Second Edition of British Comemorative Medals and their Values was published by Spink in 2010 and contains 2230 entries, with more 3000 coloured illustrations interspersed upon 249 plates. Those medals chosen have been carefully selected for their superlative condition and attractive appearance, having been laid on silk-coated blue paper and represent an atractive feature of the book.

Two thousand copies of the Second Edition have been printed, with each individually numbered. The current price, including worldwide postage and packing, is £180; though UK clients can benefit from obtaining their copy direct from the Royal Mint, in Llantrisant, at £150 plus postage, following a group purchase made by them some time ago.   

It is a heavy book, weighing almost 2 kilos, and clients within the EU wishing to order a copy are advised to do so directly through the numismatic firms of F.R. Kunker, in Osnabruck, or Schulman in Amsterdam. Those in the U.S.A. can simialrly do so through Hedley Betts in California, Kolbe & Fanning in Ohio, or Charles Davis in Boston; while in the Far East, Daruma Galleries in Tokyo maintain a stock of the book. Although there is to be no third edition of British Commemorative Medals and their Values, it is hoped that a stand-alone listing of updated values will be produced. 

For a brief preview of the book, simply click the Front Cover, below left, and turn the pages.  

Any questions - email or call.

Enjoy browsing and happy collecting!

Christopher Eimer



British Commemorative Medals and their values

British Commemorative Medals and their Values, by Christopher Eimer.


  • William III, Peace of London 1674

  • Great Exhibition Medal 1851

  • Seringapatam AR gilt Cherry Medal 4th May 1799

  • George IV shell cameo c.1821

  • Royal Academy Prize 1837