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Reference:6422 Falconry Pendant from the United Arab Emirates, c. 1930

A falcon perched on a branch / Inscription.

Bronze with silver and enamel inlay.

Loop at top for suspension.

37 x 42 mm.

Condition: Very Fine to Extremely Fine


There is a long tradition for precious metal, enamel and stone pendants in the shape of falcons or depicting them, from the Middle East and Central Asia, which are worn as symbols of power. In this particular instance, however, the pendant refers in its inscirption on the reverse to a particular falcon named 'Ma'shuqa', which means 'beloved' or 'sweetheart' in Arabic. It suggests that the owner of this particular falcon was an avid falconer who wore this pendant in honour of its name's sake.

The style of inscription appears to be more Arabic, than for example Persian, so perhaps this pendant originated from the United Atabic Emirates, which is famous for its falconry tradition in modern times. See for example: